Phivos Christofides

Phivos Christofides

About Me

A few words

I am a commendation Graduate Doctor from Rostov On Don State Medical University, working since 1981 in Strovolos, Cyprus, as a Private Physician.

I also hold a Diploma in General Medicine Practice from the University of Surrey, Basic and Advanced courses in Aviation Medicine, PPL (Private Pilot License) and I am Authorised Medical Examiner for the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.

Since 1995, I teach new pilots the subject "Human Factors in Aviation", one of the necessary prerequisites for pilots to acquire a PPL.

I represent the Cyprus Airsports Federation (CAF) at CIMP (International Medico physiological Commission of the International Airsports Federation).

As of 2010, I was appointed by the Cyprus Sports Organisation as a member of the Highest Committee for the Health of Athletes.

Since May 2017, I have been appointed as Head AME of the Cyprus Aeromedical Centre.

Finally, I have special interest in the use of low-level laser therapy, which I use for therapeutic purposes since 1984. The past years I introduced to my practice a new photo therapy device, a 300mW LED.

I enjoy relaxing music, open mindsets, involving discussions, focused people, action and social movies, as well as documentaries and paranormal phenomena/UFO.

Cooking is one my favorite activities and very often you will find me in the kitchen preparing something delicious for my family or friends.


Curriculum Vitae



Postgraduate Diploma in General Practice Training

University of Surrey


Advance Course in Aviation Medicine

King's College London


Certificate in Aviation Medicine

RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine


Graduate of Medicine (with Honors)

Rostov On Don State Medical Institute


School Leaving Certificate (Apolytirion)

Kykkos B Lyceum


2013 - Current

Aeromedical Examiner

Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation

Authorised by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation as Aeromedical Examiner for renewal and revalidation of EASA Class 1 medical certificates and for the initial issue, revalidation and renewal of EASA Class 2 and LAPL medical certificates.

Also authorised for renewal and revalidation of European Class 3 Medical certificates for Air Traffic Controllers and medical certificates for Cabin Crew.

1995 - 2013

Aeromedical Examiner


Aeromedical examiner for the initial issuing and renewal of ICAO and JAA Class 2 medical certificates.

1981 - Current

Private General Practitioner

1979 - 1981


Nicosia General Hospital


2017 - Current

Head AME

Cyprus Aeromedical Centre (Cy AeMC 002)

2010 - Current

Member of the Highest Committee for the Health of Athletes

Cyprus Sports Organization

2000 - Current

Delegate of CAF

Cyprus Airsports Federation

Delegate of the Cyprus Airsports Federation (CAF) at CIMP (International Medico-Physiological Commission of the International Airsports Federation).

1995 - Current

Lecturer of “Human Factors in Aviation”

Various Pilot Schools

1988 - Current

Private Pilot

Current Private Pilot’s License.

Cyprus Aeromedical Centre

Cy AeMC 002

The Cyprus Aeromedical Centre (Cy AeMC 002) became a reality on the 19th of May 2017 and it is fully licensed by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation. On the 23rd of May 2017 the Centre was audited by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) inspectors and successfully passed the audit with no findings.

CY AeMC’s immediate scope is to act as the top one-stop-shop facility in Aviation Medicine in Cyprus offering Initial Class 1, 2 and 3, Revalidation/Renewal Class 1, 2, 3 Medical Certificate and EASA Cabin Crew Report.

Cy AeMC will offer the initial Class 1 for Professional Pilots, eliminating the need for prospective pilots to travel abroad for this essential examination.

CY AeMC has a vision to act as:

  • A top facility on Aviation Medicine in Cyprus offering medical certifications,
  • The referral point for aviation medicine for local airlines and aviation schools,
  • The referral point for questions regarding aviation medicine and human factors in aviation,
  • The basis of research in aviation medicine in Cyprus,
  • The common ground for discussion and training of all AMEs in Cyprus,
  • The facility for GP services for airline and airport employees.

The Cyprus Aeromedical Centre 002 is a joint venture of two well-known Aeromedical Examiners, Dr. Phivos Christofides as the Head of the Aeromedical Centre and Dr. George Athanasiou as the AME of the Centre.

Further information can be found in the official Department of Civil Aviation website here and the official Cyprus Aeromedical Centre website here.

For more information and appointments contact:

Dr. Phivos Christofides
Tel: (+357) 22429580, (+357) 99463363
Fax: (+357) 22420219

Dr. George Athanasiou
Tel: (+357) 99827274
Fax: (+357) 22816480

Aeromedical Examination

What you need for your Medical

The initial issuing of EASA Class 1 and Class 3 Medicals must be done at the Cyprus Aeromedical Centre.

The medical examination for the initial issuing of EASA Class 2, as well as the renewal of EASA Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Medicals, can be done at the Cyprus Aeromedical Centre or at the office of one of the AME’s.

Before the Examination

The following information is needed before the medical examination:

  • Full Name and Surname in English, as it appears on your ID/passport
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • ID/passport number
  • Permanent address
  • Email Address

If you have any more questions regarding your Aeromedical Examination, feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will the procedure take?

The examination and required tests may take a few hours to complete, so allow some time after the set appointment.

What to expect at your examination?

You will need to complete the medical certificate application form. This is a signed declaration containing the following:
- Facts about your medical history
- Whether you have had a medical examination before, by whom and the result
- Whether you have ever been assessed fit or unfit or had a medical certificate suspended, revoked or denied.

The examination will include:
- Medical history
- Eye sight testing
- Physical examination
- Lung function testing (Initial EASA Class 1 requirement only)
- Urine test
- Blood tests (haemoglobin, lipids - Initial EASA Class 1 requirement. Haemoglobin will be repeated on every renewal of EASA Class 1)
- Audiogram (Initial EASA Class 1 requirement. Periodically thereafter)

There is no need to fast for any of the tests. You may eat and drink as usual.

What to bring with you?

  • You need to bring your passport or ID.
  • Please bring your glasses, if applies. If you wear contact lenses, you will need to remove them before the eye exam.
  • If you have recently done any blood or urine tests, you may bring these tests with you.
  • If you have undergone any other investigation (ECG, audiogram etc), you may bring these tests with you.
  • If you are suffering from any chronic condition, please let us know in advance. You are advised to bring a medical report from your treating physician.
  • If you have not completed your army service, please bring any additional documents to support this.
  • If you possess any other aviation medical certificate (e.g. FAA medical), please bring it with you.
  • If you possess an EASA Class 2 Medical certificate, please bring it with you.

When will the certificate be issued?

The medical certificate may be issued on the same day as the examination, if all standards are met. However, if the required standards are not met or further investigations are necessary, the issue of the certificate may take longer.


Get in Touch

Get in Touch

If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions, you can contact me using the Contact Form or any other methods shown below.

2, Ilia Venezi Street, Flat 302, 2042 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

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